THE ROYAL GROUND. The whiteness of Chelsea streets, the cosiness of our hotel, the people on the streets, the exuberance of the exhibitions, Topshop and Aqua by Aqua, decadent restaurants! Should I stop here? Those who follow me on Instagram already know I was in London for Easter and have seen all my goodies for a perfect week end in the city. (Instagram goodies here) This was not the first time we went to London but oh god how inspiring this city is!



MAKING SOME SUBSTRACTIONS. Someone once told me that action worth a thousand words. And you know what? I totally agree with it! So I am not going to say that I have been offline lately and or even promise that I am back claiming all this kind of boring stuff. Instead, I just came to conclusion that I am in a subtraction period, trying a lot of things by a minimal point of view. With or without the blog structure? I mean is now Instagram the only true social media? But it mostly occurs now with my style point of view. Most of my friends say that I am color girl. This is true. I am definitely attracted by the vibrance of colors and I deeply like their graphic power. But like I said, I am trying new things lately. So why not without colors? Is it really going to change all my style? Well this is definitely a huge subtraction in my looks but I also believe that style is not only into colors. Shape, materials and structure are still here.

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