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OPPOSITES. One of my favorites things when it comes to styling is the challenge of mixing opposites concepts. Here I love the association of a very girly silhouette with a grungy shirt and chunky chains that would certainly make Mister T jealous! Rebellious but super soft, edgy but still modest. What do you think about it guys? 


AWESOME. Finally a fashion app with a real output! I am quite of an obsessive on line shopper and gotta say that my phone is just full of of Brand's apps. Yes, sometimes I am totally lost throw the tones of icons on my screen! But that was before Mallzee (here to download)!
Mallzee is for me the best way to get organized with your shopping but also to share your crushes and to discover new trends! Here is the Guest post about Mallzee's team journey at London Fashion Week for their launch!

Our London Fashion Week Journey:

What we did, saw and learnt over five of the most hectic days of our lives!

Many, many months ago, the words “Fashion Week” were first tentatively thrown around Mallzee HQ. The Style Team dreamt of the Frow, the parties, the clothes.... Boss Man dreamt of an opportunity... and so the decision was made. Long before we had even a basic outline of our newly launched app, our train tickets were booked and our schedules began rapidly filling up.

A hurried packing session, brief train journey and frenzied taxi ride later and we were soon to lay eyes upon Somerset House; the very second the street stylers, bloggers and Fashion Editors were within our sights, we couldn’t help but fall victim to a quickening of pulse and a ravenous hunger for all things fashion. Boxed-in headwear, purple hair, multiple pairs of shoes- we reveled in every second. Even working within fashion, sometimes it takes such an event to reignite your passion and cement exactly why you work within the industry. Fashion world- the Mallzee Team had most definitely arrived.

The #mallzeefoundme street teams soon hit the cobbles- giant gold magnifying glasses in tow- in search of the hottest street stylers. And boy oh boy did London deliver! From Somerset House bloggers to Shoreditch hipsters, all by way of the odd Chelsea lover; we encompassed some of the big smoke’s finest in our fun and interactive campaign. Check out our Instagram feed  to see if anyone you know made the cut...

Street styling aside, the shows were undoubtedly a major highlight of the trip. From funky tailoring at House of Sunny to celeb spotting outside Burberry and checking out the hottest new stars of the fashion world at Tessa Edwards, the Mallzee Style Team covered a broad range of fashion fields. Sitting next to Susie Bubble will always be a certain member of the team’s most memorable of moments- perhaps minus the embarrassing photo bomb. A wave from Olivia Palermo, a stint at the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge and a few awesome Fashion Week parties later, our time in London was all too quickly drawing to a close.

So- what was the outcome of it all? As much fun as we had, the main focus of our trip was always to launch our new app ; confident as we were of it’s functionality, the crazily positive feedback we received from some of fashion’s biggest bloggers and press was still most definitely appreciated! We seek to change the way the world shops online, and although Fashion Week perhaps made it clear that we are very much the small fish in a scarily large pond, we’re also very much headed in the right direction.

With over 200 of the best retailers on board, we’re well on our way to providing shoppers with the best platform to find all of their fashion favourites in one place. As we grow, expect some awesome new features to be built into the app- social sharing, personal styling and some amazing rewards are all on their way! DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW to start enjoying the new way to shop online- with everything you could ever need in one beautifully simple app which allows you to instantly like, dislike or buy products, you’ll wonder how you ever shopped online without Mallzee... 



MFW. Passing by Milan during fashion week almost turned into a tradition for me. This city fascinates me so much that I actually can't imagine not visiting it at least four times a year. What we have to know about Milan is that it is as sophisticated than Paris but having a little Italian second degree twist which reminds me a little bit London.  So how to resist?! 
I had the chance to meet Giacomo Rebecchi from THE2WAYSTREET who gently shot my look with the same talent and sense of beauty he use to show on his tumblr. 

When choosing my outfit for this special day, this amazing Lobster necklace from Crea-Tiff simply appeared as a revelation. A pure details that actually changes all the mood of the look! 
This neoprene cropped jumper with a midi flared cobalt skirt and those so Isabel Marant look-alike booties just seemed to be made to let the necklace glow.

What do you think about it guys?

 Necklace, CREA-TIFF
Skirt, ASOS
Belt, H&M
Sweatshirt,  ZARA
Sunglasses, MIU MIU
Hat, H&M